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BlueParrott Introduces the Convertible C400-XT Bluetooth Headset

BlueParrott Introduces the Convertible C400-XT Bluetooth Headset

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Today at The Great American Trucking Show, (GATS) BlueParrott a leader in wireless headset technology, announced the C400-XT convertible, the latest headset in the BlueParrott line. A premium quality Bluetooth™ headset, the BlueParrott C400-XT offers a flexible choice of wearing styles, is IP rated water resistant and cold temperature durable.

“When it comes to mobile workers, flexibility and personalization are important features when selecting a headset. The C400-XT was designed to meet the needs of professionals on-the-go. With a variety of wearing styles, to be worn with a hat, or without, coupled with noise cancellation and weather-durable features, the headset caters to users taking calls on-the-move,” said David Jaques, director of product management.

The C400-XT is engineered to best fit the mobile worker’s hectic lifestyle. Customizable wearing options enable users to wear the headset on either ear, around a hat, with two behind-the-neck options. The headset can stand up to the rigors of real-world use, offering users to take calls anywhere, in rain or an industrial freezer. The IP-rated headset is water and dust resistant, and has been optimized for use in cold temperatures.

BlueParrott’s exclusive Parrott Button™ is also featured on the C400-XT. It’s customizable, and can be set to perform a range of functions by the user. There’s also VoiceControl™, which makes call answering/ignoring completely hands-free.

In addition to the upgraded functionality, all the premium features from the BlueParrott headsets are incorporated and supported by the major any Bluetooth enabled device:

    Strong 96% noise cancellation feature
    Pairs with Class 1 Bluetooth devices for a 300-foot range
    Easy and convenient one-touch pairing, via Near-Field Communication (NFC)
“We’re all very excited about the release of the C400-XT,” continued Jaques. “It’s a high-performance, highly versatile, customer-centric headset, geared towards our loyal BlueParrott users. We’re confident that the C400-XT will satisfy the personalized needs of our customers.”

THE C400-XT ($139.99) will be available early October in select North American travel centers and online at

For more information about the C400-XT, visit:


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