WATA set up new office in Shenzhen



Complain weather hot and sticky? Traffic jam through Humen bridge to WATA factory? From now on, forget these trouble, and do not hesitate anymore, we could appear in front of you, after just a few stop by subway, if you are willing to meet us in Shenzhen.
We set up one new office in Shenzhen, that would be helpful for you to make a quick decision for meeting. Shenzhen is a big hub, with complete supplier chains and more options, plenty human resource. The new office is located in Innovation Matrix park nearby Airport, hundreds meters away from Hourui metro stop.
The new office will fully leverage assorted resources of Consumer Electronics and advanced manufacturing industries , fulfill technologies integration and headphone customization developement to customers, especially developing software driven acoustic products, meanwhile, continuously update the market trend and info to headquarter as a window, hopefully the new office could significantly improve communication efficiency with customers and provide more added-value services.
WATA set up new office in Shenzhen

Full address: Room 213B, 2nd floor, Innovation Matrix park, Bao’an district, Shenzhen city.

WATA set up new office in Shenzhen

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