OCVACO electronics renamed to WATA acoustics



From now on, the names of companies individually located in China mainland and Hongkong will be unified and changed into WATA to avoid confusion between old name of OCVACO and WATA. In Chinese, WATA means “gorgeous”, ”wonderful”, ”peaceful” and  ”safe”,  the owners expect companies could provide good quality products to users, grow continuously and steadily, reap rewards to staff and shareholders. After change, the full name of factory is WATA electronics, Hongkong registered company is WATA acoustics, which is one subsidiary company 100% owned by WATA electronics, and carries out business as trading window, of acoustic components, headphone, portable speakers’ business.
OCVACO electronics renamed to WATA acoustics
Business scope of new company keeps same as before. Based on the core value of integrity, innovation, excellence and partnership, WATA commit and continually fulfill developing customized premium acoustic products and production, aim to become most reliable partners to customers.OCVACO electronics renamed to WATA acoustics



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