New TWS earbuds debuted on CES



As of APPLE introduced Airpods in Sep.2016, headphone on-line sales has been increasing incredibly. Research data suggests from Slice, 75% of growth was attributed to Bluetooth earphones,while, Airpods grabbed 26% shares of total wireless on-line sales.

TWS is the abbreviation of True wireless stereo, is type of stereo signal transfer technology based on Bluetooth protocols, TWS supports headphone to receive stereo data from cellphones, and then decode, reproduce music in stereo, without any cables between left and right channel.

TWS was implemented into portable speaker at the beginning, the chipset and whole PCBA have big size, and big power consumption. EARIN, BRAGI were the pioneers introducing TWS into earphone, before Airpods launched. WATA worked together with one of these pioneers closely, became the first manufacturer in this field for mass production.

During product development and industrialization, WATA accumulated abundant experience, including ergonomics understanding, mechanical structure designing, hardwares integration, RF/sound tuning, stable software demand and manufacturing craftsmanship, quality control, etc, as well as how to cooperation with key components suppliers for performance improvement. Relying on our experience and great supports from QUALCOMM and REALTEK, WATA can show off the new model of TWS earbuds, BES1736 at the CES.

Two versions of BES1736 were built, individually uses QCC3020 and RTL8673 bluetooth chipset, transfer range up to 20 meters, and support listening coming calls in stereo. Structure was optimized, to make sure users’ comfortable fitting, and accommodate 80mAh of capacity of battery, delivers 8 hours of music playing. 

To avoid earbuds drop, one case was designed with charging function, 500mAh capacity of battery, supports additional 3 cycles of charging. As the sales leader told, BES1736 will be ready for mass production in second quarter of 2019, and customization.

New TWS earbuds debuted on CES
Besides BES1736, WATA, at this year CES, introduced some 3D printed ear buds housing, and one earphone mock-up, which features 3D algorithm of DSP and USB type C connector for gaming and movie watching.

To learn more, welcome to stand#20842, the south hall of convention center.
New TWS earbuds debuted on CES
New TWS earbuds debuted on CES

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